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Being made to feel “silly” by your favorite TV show


Because I’m closer in age to the writers and creators of ONCE than some of you are, my complaints might be a bit different (holla Lily Sparks).

I’ve been through a couple of relationships, I’m out at work, out to family, etc. Maybe it’s made me more cynical, but it’s certainly given me a tougher skin.

The hate that Swen/SwanQueen folks get (myself included, albeit less than some) on Tumblr is really just inane, teenage nonsense. Blah blah blah. I know those of you who are involved in larger projects (holla bnaz) get more heavy-duty hate than most of us, but ultimately, you’re dealing with teenagers who are homophobic in the most transparent and simplistic of ways. It’s simple homophobia that doesn’t require a lot of analysis. “That’s so gay. Dykes.”, etc. Age-old bullshit from small minds. Sure, it’s hurtful and hard to look at day-to-day, but that ish ain’t coming from deep thinkers. Some of them may grow out of it someday. Or they’ll become your state Senator. Take your pick.

Having been through what I’ve been through, the kind of hate that’s the most insidious in fandoms like this is the quiet disregard that comes from the creators/writers. The vibe that we’re just “being silly” because we ship SQ, or hell … any non-canon lesbian pairing, is the worst kind of hate.

I’ve seen it over and over again. Even just tonight. Just young folks saying “You lied” on Twitter get a “what lie?” response from Adam. He never promised us anything verbally. He did make promises, though, didn’t he? He promised via visuals. He promised via innuendo. The show has even promised via wardrobe. These guys … writers, creators, etc., are assuming they can back folks into a corner on technicalities when they engage them via social media. It is, in part, an assumption that all SQ shippers are very young or very silly.

I’ve spoken at large publishing conventions, I’ve done large e-publishing demonstrations, trained a lot of people re: publishing technology. I know how human interaction feels when it’s genuine. And I’m not a teenager (no offense to the young Swen out there. You’re more intelligent than a lot of 30-year-olds I know!). I see both what the show is doing/has done and what their response is to what is probably their largest fandom.

We’re being made to feel silly for reading into it. Right of they GATE they created a relationship between two women who share a son. I wouldn’t think it possible that writers sat down to ponder their next move without one of them considering how that might be interpreted by some viewers. And, wow … if they didn’t consider it, then that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. People who didn’t even consider it. On some level that’s even more scary than queer baiting. That’s being clueless in 2012 (2011? whenever the fucking show started).

So, yes, being silly. Being mocked. That’s a helluva lot worse than being taunted by teenage boys. Adam and his cohorts refuse to give a modicum of love to SwanQueen. SQ is indirectly treated as a bunch of perverts, isn’t it? You all remember Ginny’s statement so there’s no need for me to repeat it here other than reminding you she’s pregnant by a co-star.

Being treated as “silly”. Hey, they fed it to us. We saw it. I saw it. We’re being treated as dollars and that’s exactly why Autostraddle decided to stop covering it.

Lesbian relationships are something to be mocked, fans who read into the show are to be mocked even when fed subtext, cast and crew feel free to make inappropriate jokes about the fans or just inappropriate comments to humanity in general. A desire for a romantic show about a lesbian relationship is relegated to “you just want to see two women fuck on network TV”. A complete misunderstanding of what SwanQueen is. They totally don’t get the romance we see. OMG. The “romance” we see! It has so much potential. I mean … I weep just thinking about the story of redemption. The story of the daughter of those who stole what Regina might have had and giving it all back to her (let me grab a tissue).

Instead we get what we get. I’m guessing the ultimate goal now is to make Henry related to every story book character that was ever written. And we’re made to feel silly for seeing what we see. Lily Sparks sees it. Autostraddle saw it.

It was done on purpose and we’re being made to feel silly. That’s why I don’t watch the show. I’m too mature to be made to feel “silly” by a fantasy TV show. And I’m too mature to go out of my way to kiss Adam’s ass. I’m respectful, I throw him the occasional compliment now and then, because damn … who doesn’t love these characters? But, given what I know and what I’ve been through, I know what he’s doing. No hate, but no love either. Gay dollars are gay dollars. As someone a bit older, that’s what I know works and that’s how we protest. That’s why Autostraddle is protesting the way they are. That’s how things change in this country.

The only memorable thing about OUAT will be queer history. An opportunity missed. The most terrible PR during a time in history when this country was on the cusp of true change for homosexual representation in mainstream media. We see what could have been the most romantic story ever told. And we aren’t silly.



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